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          Thales Artema Motient Wireless

Wireless Payment Terminals that provide Merchants and their customers with quick, easy, and convenient payment options, whereever they are.  Kiss the wires goodbye! Artema Mobile allows tranasaction authorization using wireless technology (Motient) allowing merchant to travel and do not have access to a telephone line.  Artema Mobile meets the strictest security requirements for EMV PIN entry and provides the protection required for loyalty and gift card transactions as well.  Operating with a 32 Bit RISC processor, it shares the commom Artema family archetecture.  The "AutoLoad" paper system works seamlessly with the ultra-fast thermal printer to keep transaction time to a minnimum.  Ther ergonomic design lets the Artema fit in the palm of the hand.  In addition the large menu driven display with ATM-like keys along with the backlii keypad make operations very intuitive. Artema.jpg (12999 bytes)

Thales Artema (Motient)


bullet Execute POS transactions wherever needed within the supported networks coverage areas (CDPD, Motient, Mobitex)
bullet Store transactions when out of coverage area; forward them when back in range.
bullet Dial back-up through the base for individual transactions, batch transmissions, and application program downloads.
bullet With 2 MB standard flash memory and a secure and powerful 32 bit RISC processor, Artema can easily handle today’s and tomorrow’s applications for mag stripe, chip cards, loyalty cards and electronic purse. the battery has enough power to perform over 100 transactions.
bullet No paper jam or feed issues with the Auto-Load feature. Drop-in a new paper roll in less than 4 seconds and continue printing. Transactions are completed quickly with the super fast 15 lines per second thermal printer. Combined with a multi-tasking capability that allows pre-printing of receipt information, Artema is designed to perform transactions quickly and keep your customers happy.



bullet 32-BIT RISC microprocessor
bullet Full multi-tasking
bullet 2 MB flash EEPROM (memory)
bullet Memory expandable to 8 MB Printer
bullet “AUTO-LOAD” paper loading
bullet Super fast thermal printer (speed: 15 l./sec.)


bullet Graphic/Logo, backlit display
bullet Radio status & battery power icon
bullet High resolution
bullet 5 x 22 line display
bullet Scrolling menus


bullet 17 wide keys, including 3 menu key for easy navigation
bullet Backlit keys for easy viewing
bullet Secure integrated pin-pad


bullet Internal integrated antenna

Magnetic Card Reader

bullet Bi-directional ISO track 1 & 2 / 2 & 3 reader

Optional smart card reader

bullet Synchronous and asynchronous cards
bullet Certified to EMV specifications

SAM card reader

bullet 2 or 4 SAM microcard readers


bullet 125 transactions per battery charge
bullet Recharges when on powered base
bullet Screen icon shows battery charge level
bullet Removable battery pack
bullet Optional second battery pack recharges on powered base


bullet 10 seconds per full download
bullet Software package examples
bullet EZ-WARE
bullet x 4 (x8 optional) Multi-Merchant
bullet Minor guard
bullet Split-dial
bullet EBT
bullet Check Conversion
bullet Phone / Purchase card
bullet Custom Logo
bullet Gift certificate
bullet MOTO
bullet AVS
bullet Standard in ALL terminals


bullet Terminal: 91/2“ x 31/2“ x 21/2“ (max) approx. with battery pack
bullet Weight: 1lb 8oz approx. (without paper roll)
bullet Base: 91/4“ x 51/2“ x 2” tappered
bullet Weight: 1lb 8oz approx. (with cable)

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