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Manual imprinters are still a necessity for all retail businesses. Using them on key-entered sales will help protect you from costly chargebacks. Dig out your old "knuckle-buster" and keep it (along with sales slips) close to your register.

Hand Pump Imprinter


Desktop Manual Imprinter

Imprinters Animation

Portable Manual Imprinter

Imprinter Plates

Electric Imprinter


Imprinter Sales Slips

FAQ Imprinter Slips

Addressograph Imprinters - The Best in the industry


Demo Display Imprinter - Working Desktop Model $9.95

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Addressograph 990 Portable Imprinter
990 Portable Imprinter
addtobasket_sm.gif (1510 bytes)

Addressograph Model 4200 Portable Imprinter
Model 4200 Portable
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Addresograph Desktops & Electric

Addressograph The Industry Standard in Imprinters

Addressograph 4850 Impinter

Model 4850 Imprinter

1+ $15.95 Each      addtobasket_sm.gif (1510 bytes)

10+ $14.95 Each    addtobasket_sm.gif (1510 bytes)

100+ $13.95 Each   addtobasket_sm.gif (1510 bytes)

Addressograph 4000 Imprinter

Model 4000 Imprinter
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Addressograph Model 871 Pump Imprinter
Model 871 Pump
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With attachment for Plate
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875 small.gif (3918 bytes)
Model 875 Pump
addtobasket_sm.gif (1510 bytes)
Cannot Accept Plates

Addressograph Model 840 Electric Imprinter
Model 840 Electric
addtobasket_sm.gif (1510 bytes)

D-840 Ink Rollers
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Data Systems and Port-a-Print


Demo Display Imprinter - Working Desktop Model $9.95

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Data Systems Model 515

Desktop Manual Imprinter

1+ $14.74            addtobasket_sm.gif (1510 bytes)

10+ $13.74             addtobasket_sm.gif (1510 bytes)

100+ $12.74            addtobasket_sm.gif (1510 bytes)

Data Systems Model 535 Pump

Pump Model 535 Imprinter
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Prot-A-Printer Manual Imprinter
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FAQ's for Slips

What is the difference between "Sales" slips and "Credit" slips for my manual imprinter?

Sales slips are used when you are charging an amount to a credit card.
Credit slips are used when you are issuing a refund to a credit card.

Will my imprinter plate fit my new manual imprinter?


Nearly all imprinter plates and imprinters will work perfectly together.


Many imprinters have multiple mounting holes so you can choose the mounting holes that work best for your imprinter plate.


Others include double sided mounting tape so you can position the plate where you want it.

What is the difference between "short" and "long" imprinter slips?


The long slips are longer!


Actually the "long" slips are 7.75" wide x 3.25" high


The "short" slips are 5.25" x 3.25" high


Most imprinter slips (short or long) are universal and will work in nearly all imprinters

Why would I need 3-part imprinter slips instead of 2-part imprinter slips?


You might use 3-part if one copy each goes to: the customer,
the salesperson or store, and one to accounting.


The use of the third copy is completely based on your administrative needs.


Most companies, however, only need 2-part slips.


Imprinter Sales Slips

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